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Help your clients find balance today!

Adding mindful health and nutrition to your coaching can help your clients learn to manage their stress and be more productive.

But this doesn't mean you have to be the expert. It takes years to learn this stuff. And for some of us, even longer to coherently communicate what we know.

That's where my mindful health and nutrition PLR materials come in. I've got you covered!

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Meet Tammi Brochman

Working hard every day in order to help you reach and exceed your goals


We are never just one kind of person. We all have layers, different interests, and life experiences that makeup who we are. I think this is why I have struggled for so long in the entrepreneurship world. I’ve hired biz coaches to help me nail my offers, niches, and messages. And they all told me the same thing…pick just one thing I know a lot about and am passionate about to focus on and share that one thing with the world. But the truth is, I know a lot about a bunch of different things (well, a few anyway). And I’m passionate about more than one thing, too. I think I saw someone label themselves a multi-passionate person once. That’s me too. The biz coach “experts” out there make a living off telling us multi-passionates to find a way to blend this all together and boil it down to that one thing to focus on. 


I don’t work that way. God didn’t build me that way, and it’s taken me a long time to figure that out. I don’t fit into a box.


So, I write about all the things I know about and am passionate about. Mostly, that’s being an autism mom, enjoying food and trying new recipes, learning and unlearning habits, embracing mindfulness, living a non-dieting lifestyle, and walking with Jesus through it all.

Hear From a Happy Client

Tammi is an amazing heart centered individual, who meets people where they’re at. I’ve never felt judged, rather inspired & motivated to continue my callings. You’ve been a blessing and I don’t think I’ll ever have the words to express the depth of gratitude my soul has for you.

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