finding balance through intuitive eating

While you’re here, I hope you feel:

  • Empowered to make changes in your eating & lifestyle
  • Inspired to find your own path and solutions that work for you uniquely
  • Safe to share your journey
  • Energized to make it through the challenges
  • Competent…you have the tools and resources you need

Private Nutrition Coaching

While I can’t predict my future or yours, there are some things I DO know:

  • Diets and food restrictions will harm your best efforts.
  • You actually CAN relearn, uncover, or discover your inner intuitive eater (but it takes effort and work and time).
  • Mindful and intuitive eating processes can change your life.

You THINK you want to work with me because you want to lose weight or you want more energy or you want to “feel better”. But what if I were to tell you I know differently? What if I were to tell you that the REAL reason you want to work with me is so much deeper than that? And until you understand your real deep down motivation, you will continue to repeat your past. So what if I told you I can help you figure out what your deeper motivation is, SO THAT you NOW have the true motivation you need to make the changes that will WORK?

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Would you rather talk first?

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