Helping moms heal broken relationships with food, one bite at a time.

I’m Tammi Brochman

Intuitive Eating Dietitian & Freelance Copy-Writer

Helping You Heal Broken Food Relationships

Intuitive Eating: Course or Coaching?

You know yourself best and you know if you’re the person who needs that extra layer of help to make this IE thing happen. 

Freelance Copy-Writing

I love writing. It’s my love language. I can help you create a human connection for your audience through your website and email copy.


My name is Tammi and I’m a mom of four (mostly adult) humans, 1 cuddly pit bull named Maggie, and 8 chickens (7 layer hens and 1 comical rooster named Lieutenant Dan).  I’ve been a Dietitian for 24 years. I love the field of nutrition, and am passionate about intuitive eating and healing food and body relationships. My favorite thing is when I’m in a session with a coaching client and they have an “aha” moment…it seriously gives me goosebumps! And words are my love language, so freelance writing was a natural addition to what I do. It allows me to put my two passions together to create valuable engaging content that speaks to the person who needs to hear it. 

What Others Are Saying About Me

“I loved working with Tammi. She’s knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and passionate about her work. I highly recommend spending some time with Tammi – she really listens to what your needs and goals are – and over-delivers on her promises.”

Real life..down to earth….realistic coaching to better health.

“She’s knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and passionate about her work. Highly highly recommend hiring Tammi. She has left me speechless (which is hard to do ????????)”

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