Everyone wants better business results. But when you’re stuck or struggling, you tend to look for what’s easy, the low-hanging fruit if you will. Which makes the most sense because if you’re already on the struggle bus, anything complicated just isn’t going to get done. 

But what’s easy for one person, may be hard for another. And when you’re faced with the busy-ness of life where every second counts, the steps you do take need to be high impact.

Below you’ll find 5 high impact baby steps you can take to move the needle forward ever so slightly.

Give Up Perfectionism 

If you find yourself spending more time getting ready to do work than actually doing the work, you might be over planning. If everything has to be just so before you begin, it’s very likely that you might be a perfectionist. And typically, this is a self-esteem problem. When you lack confidence in your abilities, you overanalyze everything and second guess everything you do.

The remedy for perfectionism is a multistep process that starts with acknowledging the low self-esteem and analysis paralysis and connecting them to real-life results. Everything you do has an impact on you, your relationships, your life balance, etc. Try reframing your thoughts of missing the mark (not putting out “perfect” work) into a learning opportunity. Agree to experiment with something less than perfect. And watch for real-life results of putting it out to the world. How does your so-called “less than perfect” work impact you, your business, your relationships, your life balance, etc.? This is a messy process, but if you keep your eye on the goal of better business results and learning from your work and actions, you might find you enjoy this imperfect process more. 

Procrastination Can Get You Better Business Results 

Ever find yourself putting off something until the last minute, and then working fast and furious to get it done? Doing this once in a while isn’t necessarily problematic. But when it becomes a regular daily way of life, it leads to stress and sets you up for failure. Typically procrastination comes about as a result of fear. You don’t feel like you know what you’re doing, so you put it off. You’re afraid of what success might mean and how it might change your life. You’re afraid of being a failure. This is definitely not a confidence boosting way to live. 

You Are Not A Failure

Getting past the great wall of procrastination involves first separating your identity from the results of your actions. Failure is not an identity, it is a result. And it is temporary. Every major professional and successful business owner has failed their way to the top. The difference is they did not identify themselves as failures, rather they viewed their failures as a result of their actions, and instead of letting those failures stop them, they simply changed their actions.

Work From Your Strengths

So your first high-impact baby step that you can take to get results in your business is to identify your failures for what they are instead of as a part of who you are. The next high-impact baby step when it comes to procrastination is to use your tendency for this to your advantage. I totally relate to not feeling like working on my business sometimes. On days I have slated for writing, I may not feel like it. On days I need to post on social media, that may be the farthest thing from my mind. But instead of letting it stop me, I use that time to get other things done.

The small act of starting to do something can shift my brain into work mode (a load of laundry, answering some emails, planning out some blog post articles, whatever doesn’t feel hard in the moment). And then before I know it, I’m sitting down with my computer writing.

Shift Your Negativity to Get Better Business Results 

Are you someone who indulges in negative self-talk? Do you hear yourself saying things like, “There’s no point in trying” or “I’m not as good as they are at this”? If this is you, you’ve already convinced yourself that whatever you try won’t succeed. Negativity lives in a fixed mindset and fixed mindsets don’t grow businesses. And the good news is it can be changed through one small yet highly effective action. Ask yourself “what if?” What if I was as good as I needed to be? If I did try and succeeded, what then? What might happen if I did this? These two words, this one small question, opens up a world of possibility and opens up a world of better business results. And suddenly a negative attitude shifts into neutral and possibly over into excitement.

Set Boundaries With Helping Others

Sometimes you never get your work done because you’re so busy helping others. You go out of your way to provide answers when you have them or find them when you don’t. And it drains all your energy. Typically this is a sign that you’re trying to win approval from others, especially if you are feeling you have something to prove. But it’s not as easy as Nancy Reagan says it is. Just saying no can be a real challenge. Setting proper boundaries will help with this.

One simple small activity you can do that will show up as better business results is to fully understand your time. Take a look at your calendar and all of your responsibilities for the day. Add in time for those things in life that bring you balance (family time, meals, sleep, exercise, etc.). When that’s all been added, how much time do you have left? That is the amount of time you have available to help others. That’s it. Understanding how and when your ability to help others fits INTO and works AROUND your regularly scheduled programming will enable you to say no to anything that doesn’t fit BECAUSE you truly are already busy. 

Use Your Defiance To Your Advantage 

I believe Gretchen Rubin terms this defiance as the rebel personality type. No matter what you’re told to do, you will do absolutely the opposite, or nothing at all. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that fighting against our personality is not only brutal, but pointless. We will lose every. single. time.

Typically though, this personality trait can also be a path to better business results if you use it right. A few suggestions are:

  • Call up your rebel personality to help you say no and set appropriate boundaries (just do so politely).
  • Use your defiant tendencies to pave your own path. If defiance seems to be holding you back from doing something everyone else is telling you to do, instead of not doing anything, find a way to make it your own and do it your way.
  • You likely value freedom and owning your own business is the epitome of that. Lean into this when you need the motivation to get moving in your to-do list and day-to-day action steps that feel hard or boring.

Anytime you find yourself unable to move the needle or not getting the results in your business you desire, it means there’s something going on which needs to be worked on. Working through these situations will help you to find success, even if you’ve had a bumpy ride. 

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