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Grief Happens When You Boycott Exercise

And this is a good thing. A really really good thing. Because of my dieting boycott and need to not restrict food OR use exercise to control my weight and shape, I hadn’t been physically active for a while. I had lost track of how long it had been since I had gone for a […]

Have You Asked Jesus to Be Your Guide for Food and Body Healing?

two women praying with words Ask Jesus to Help You on Your Food and Body Healing Journey

“I can do it.” My oldest daughter, a very independent two year old, was adamant about not letting me help her get dressed. And truth be told, she was so adorable that most of the time I would just give her the time and space to do this. She loved to play dress up with […]

Feeling Free in Your Body: God’s Surprisingly Not-So-Secret Solution

Feeling free in your body, or rather freeing yourself from body hatred and disparaging body-talk, is a freedom journey you deserve to take. Diet culture is a sneaky little devil. It eats away at the fiber of your being without you even realizing it. What you do notice though is a feeling of inadequacy. The […]

How to Lean on God to Let Go of Dieting

I used to love rollercoasters when I was a kid. Little did I know then that my experience with roller coasters would change over the years. Nor did I realize they would teach me how to lean on God to let go of dieting. This love of rollercoasters is why I was so shocked at the […]

Willpower Is A Lie

Willpower. The will of powers. The power of will. No matter how you say it, willpower is a lie. What’s missing? Have you ever had that feeling that something was missing but you just couldn’t put your finger on it? I had been struggling with this for a while, specifically when it came to this […]

How I Find Time to Honor My Hunger

I knew in my heart of hearts I had to find time to honor my hunger. There I was (again), standing in front of my open refrigerator, desperately looking for something I wasn’t convinced I was going to find. Staring into a fridge that seemed so empty. I had finished my dinner about an hour […]

3 Ways to Escape From the Desire for Weight Loss

Escaping from the desire for weight loss may sound frightening. Because as we discussed in part 1 of this post (you can find that here), diet culture and weight loss is big business and they do not have our best interest in mind. They are out for themselves and no good comes from them. I […]

The Undeniable Truth About Weight Loss

Weight loss. It’s a popular topic. We can’t go anywhere without seeing all the tips, tricks, hacks and new diets geared to FINALLY crack the code on weight loss. It’s exhausting. And it’s addicting. When the desire for thinness becomes unshakable, it can be hard to hear the cold hard truth about weight loss. I […]

How To Accept Your Body By Loving Your Enemies

You won’t fully accomplish acceptance of what your body looks like until you learn to love your enemies. Why? The mom in me would love to say, “because I said so.” But after raising four kids I know that won’t work. Instead I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Well, it’s not […]

How To Know God Is Always Listening

I want to make sure you know this because I believe it will help you with your food peace journey. There I was in my usual devotional and prayer routine, talking to God and assuming He was listening. And I found myself blown away by a whispered realization from Holy Spirit himself. Maybe you can […]

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