8 Practical Ways to Boost Your Body Positivity

Body positivity. Does it seem like a pipe dream to you? And when you read articles about how to improve your body image, do you feel completely out of touch with the suggestions? You’re told to meditate but you don’t know how to turn off the negative voices in your head when you sit quietly […]

How To Be Cool, Calm, and Confident Amidst The Chaos

We often accept stressed-out as our default emotion, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Being bombarded by information, expectations, and obligations on a day to day can truly begin to require a negative toll on every aspect of your life, including any desire or attempt to reacquaint yourself with your inner wisdom and […]

5 Ways To Treat Yourself With Love

Everyone deserves to treat themself with a little love on Valentine’s Day. But love isn’t always the focus, contrary to most intentions. Instead, the focus becomes about money and about outdoing the year before or someone else’s gift or living up to some outrageous ideal. My husband calls Valentine’s Day a marketing gimmick. And he’s […]

How to Nurture Healthful Eating With Your Kids During the Holidays

Nurturing your child’s nutrition and eating habits is a worthy endeavor, but it may or may not be at top of mind in your daily activities.  Of course feeding your kids makes the list (they’re total bears when they get hangry just like you). But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about nurturing […]

How to Survive The Food Police This Holiday Season

Where your body is concerned, survival is the name of the game. It has a deep investment in keeping you alive. And the proverbial Food Police can be a very real threat to this endeavor….and the Food Police this holiday season are especially active. In order to do its job of keeping you alive, your […]

Set Your Next New Years Resolutions the Right Way with These 3 Simple Steps

New Year’s is swiftly upon us and that means resolutions will be in tow.  You know the story. You make a resolution to cut sugar from your diet (while sipping champaign at your best friend’s New Year’s party…because everyone else there is making the same resolution and you’re NOT going to be left out!). And…you […]

4 Simple Ways To Ditch Dieting

Weight loss diets don’t work for you. At least they haven’t yet. Not for very long anyway. You know this because you’ve tried all the diets. But somehow ditching dieting and NOT jumping on the bandwagon of the latest greatest diet craze feels like giving up on yourself. So when you saw your friends post […]

Trade In Your Stress Eating for Something Better This Holiday Season

Eating during the holidays can be stress. And in stressful times like these, you have the ingredients for what I call the trifecta of an eating disaster. So what’s the trifecta I’m talking about? Eating is a necessity. It’s called survival. (I know, duh right?!) So this means we can’t just skip it. During stressful […]

How to Overcome the Number One Reason You Crave Sweets

Cravings suck. They’re hard to control. They consume your every thought. Sugar and sweet cravings are the worst. And it seems the only real way to get rid of them is to give in and eat the sweets you’re craving. Or is it? What if I told you the answer is BOTH yes and no? […]