How to Improve Your Focus to Make Better Decisions and Save Yourself Time

Improve your focus to make better decisions to save yourself time. Sure, it sounds great. And I know you know that improving your focus, making better decisions, and saving yourself time are all good things that you want in your life. But making them happen can be the challenge. I’ve found that when it comes […]

3 Simple Hacks to Make Today More Productive

More, more, more. It seems everyone wants more these days. Putting more on your to-do list requires finding ways to be more productive that sync with everything else you’ve got on your plate.  Maximizing productivity is something almost everyone says they want to do. Making it happen is often a different story. Because of that, […]

How to Get More Done in 7 Easy Steps

How to Get More Done in 7 Easy Steps You want to get more done while adding value to your life…ahem, without SUBTRACTING value from your life.  And you want to do this all in a timely manner. You can spend a lot of time doing things that add no value to your life, to […]

How to Save Time Managing Your Household

Yes, you can save yourself time by managing your household more efficiently.  Maybe you never realized that running a household requires management skills before, but it does. If you want to save time, turn your attention inward, to how you live every day. Ignoring how you set up and run your household is in and […]

How To Plan A Productive Day In 4 Simple Steps

Plan your work, work your plan.  No doubt you’ve heard this saying before. All too often though, this step is missing. Perhaps you’ve got a family calendar where you add kids activities, medical and hair appointments, and maybe even dinner ideas for the week. And maybe you have a to do list for work you […]

How to Stop Creating Stress in Your Life

(AKA give yourself more brain space so you can grow your business!) Most clients I work with are stressed out and say their heads feel full. They get stuck in their business and say they don’t have time to work on it. They can’t progress because they can’t see where that time will come from, […]

Get Better Business Results With These High Impact Baby Steps

Everyone wants better business results. But when you’re stuck or struggling, you tend to look for what’s easy, the low-hanging fruit if you will. Which makes the most sense because if you’re already on the struggle bus, anything complicated just isn’t going to get done.  But what’s easy for one person, may be hard for […]

Self-Defeating Behavior: 14 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Business

Crazy as it sounds, the most common reason people don’t succeed is that they’re engaging in self-defeating behaviors. If you’re not performing at the level you think you ought to be or parts of your life feel completely neglected and out of that so-called elusive balance (hint: it’s not so elusive), you might want to […]

How Wearing Comfortable Clothing Has Saved Me Time and Money

Wearing comfortable clothing doesn’t come about as easy as you might expect. On the surface, the concept seems pretty simple. Wear what feels good, right? Not so fast. When your history includes restrictive dieting behaviors and attempt after attempt to shrink your body, wearing comfortable clothing means giving up a lot. It means giving up […]

How to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs to Boost Your Productivity

We can either be our own best source of inspiration, or we can be our own worst enemy.  Naturally, we want the former. Unfortunately, the stress and struggles of life, growing a business, marriage, and parenting can push us over into enemy territory (1).  How are your limiting beliefs your own worst enemy?  You live […]