How to Get More Done in 7 Easy Steps

How to Get More Done in 7 Easy Steps You want to get more done while adding value to your life…ahem, without SUBTRACTING value from your life.  And you want to do this all in a timely manner. You can spend a lot of time doing things that add no value to your life, to […]

How to Save Time Managing Your Household

Yes, you can save yourself time by managing your household more efficiently.  Maybe you never realized that running a household requires management skills before, but it does. If you want to save time, turn your attention inward, to how you live every day. Ignoring how you set up and run your household is in and […]

How To Plan A Productive Day In 4 Simple Steps

Plan your work, work your plan.  No doubt you’ve heard this saying before. All too often though, this step is missing. Perhaps you’ve got a family calendar where you add kids activities, medical and hair appointments, and maybe even dinner ideas for the week. And maybe you have a to do list for work you […]

How to Stop Creating Stress in Your Life

(AKA give yourself more brain space so you can grow your business!) Most clients I work with are stressed out and say their heads feel full. They get stuck in their business and say they don’t have time to work on it. They can’t progress because they can’t see where that time will come from, […]

How Wearing Comfortable Clothing Has Saved Me Time and Money

Wearing comfortable clothing doesn’t come about as easy as you might expect. On the surface, the concept seems pretty simple. Wear what feels good, right? Not so fast. When your history includes restrictive dieting behaviors and attempt after attempt to shrink your body, wearing comfortable clothing means giving up a lot. It means giving up […]

Top 10 Out of the Box Ways to Eat for Your Health

Finding the motivation to eat for your health can feel like climbing a mountain. If you’re a climber, you understand the amount of work that goes into mountain climbing. If you’re not a climber, you may avoid it altogether and not have any desire to learn about it. But finding the motivation to eat in […]

Exploring Irish Traditional Foods You And Your Family Will Love

The Irish value the family (1) and traditional foods. Traditionally families have been called clans which gives me this visualization of a large group of people all huddled together. The family units, or clans, have always remained close knit. The country as a whole has generally been Irish Catholic and followed stereotypical gender roles of […]

How To Protect Your Child From 5 Major Diet Culture Influences

Diet culture is influencing every one of us in so many ways. It has been for years. And most of us live our lives completely unaware.  That was my story too. I’ve worked through so much guilt and shame since I had my eyes opened 2 years ago. Suddenly so many things make sense and […]

How to Help Your Child Have Healthy Food Relationships

As a parent, you role model every day. Truthfully every thing you do and say becomes an example for your child. But are you confident you’re modeling healthy food relationships?  When it comes to your child’s eating behaviors, like so many things, you want them to be spared the same struggles and hard times you […]

Healthy Kids Happy Moms Free Recipe Book Download

It’s hard to argue with the statement that healthy kids make happy moms. I may be a Dietitian, but prior to 2011, my 15 years of hospital clinical nutrition experience would not prepare me for what lay ahead. You see, my youngest son is on the Autism spectrum and also has a diagnosis of ADHD. […]