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Top 10 Out of the Box Ways to Eat for Your Health

Finding the motivation to eat for your health can feel like climbing a mountain. If you’re a climber, you understand the amount of work that goes into mountain climbing. If you’re not a climber, you may avoid it altogether and not have any desire to learn about it. But finding the motivation to eat in […]

6 Simple Ways To Be Mindful With Your Heart Health

February is National Heart Month. And Valentine’s Day falls this month too. So it seems fitting to write a post about mindful heart health.  When your ticker shows signs of trouble, it’s not something to ignore. But it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of boring tasteless meals filled with foods you hate. With […]

How To Overcome Common Excuses Stopping You From Mindful Eating

Have you ever wondered why you blame yourself for all those failed diets, fallen attempts to start a meditation practice, and unfulfilled desires to begin a journaling regimen? If you want to achieve true mindful eating, you must overcome the common excuses that lead to this tendency. Over the years I’ve come to a few […]

5 Ways To Treat Yourself With Love

Everyone deserves to treat themself with a little love on Valentine’s Day. But love isn’t always the focus, contrary to most intentions. Instead, the focus becomes about money and about outdoing the year before or someone else’s gift or living up to some outrageous ideal. My husband calls Valentine’s Day a marketing gimmick. And he’s […]

How to Survive The Food Police This Holiday Season

Where your body is concerned, survival is the name of the game. It has a deep investment in keeping you alive. And the proverbial Food Police can be a very real threat to this endeavor….and the Food Police this holiday season are especially active. In order to do its job of keeping you alive, your […]

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