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Life may be a crazy ride full of ups and downs, but when we work together we can get through anything.

 A life-long Minnesotan with an entrepreneurial spirit and just enough Norwegian stubbornness, I’m overjoyed to share my passion of God, family, writing, and nutrition with you.

I’ve worked 25 years as a dietitian, spending the bulk of those years in the world of nonprofit healthcare. I used to follow the “old school” ways of dietetics, promoting weight loss and “clean eating”.

I don’t do that any more.

I also had never considered God cared one eyota about my nutrition and health or how I approached this facet of life.

I know differently now. About all of this.

I now advocate fiercely for intuitive eating. And I know without a doubt we cannot do anything without God.

My story is still unfolding, and I wouldn’t trade the lessons I’ve learned along the way for anything. They’re why I am able to help you.

Through my courses, coaching, and blog writing, I help people like you learn to appreciate yourself and your life, and find sustainable action that brings beautiful results. 

Your dreams may be to go to your class reunion and not focus on others opinions of how you look, or you may just want to eat peacefully with your family at a meal without being torn apart by food guilt.

Whatever your goals, I’m excited to use what God has taught me to help you realize YOU ARE worth it.

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