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Life may be a crazy ride full of ups and downs, but when we work together we can get through anything.

 A life-long Minnesotan with an entrepreneurial spirit and just enough Norwegian stubbornness, I’m overjoyed to share my passions with you.

But first, allow me to share my story, as it’s an integral part of who I am and what I do today.

I’m a college graduate. My degree is in Nutrition and Dietetics. That in and of itself doesn’t stand out as any big deal, but when you pair it with my other life choices, things get interesting.  You see, when I was 4 months away from graduating I found out I was going to have a baby. I was engaged at the time, and my then fiance and I were already planning a wedding. Our chosen date would mean Id be walking down the isle with a seven month pregnant belly.. We decided to keep our date and move on with life. Oh wait…I almost forgot to add in that our apartment lease was up that summer and we decided to not renew and instead purchase our first home. 

So there I was, pregnant, planning a wedding, buying a house, and finishing up a full time internship and college courses. 

Fast forward a few years, I’ve since been divorced and dealt with shared custody of three kids born within 4 years of each other, remarried, and worked full time while doing all of it.

And since I seemed to be managing so well (I can only assume that’s what I was thinking?!), I decided to add a fourth child to the mix. And boy did he bring learning opportunities to my world. At age 6 he was diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, and Anxiety. You might think that would have made me cry. But it didn’t. Instead I felt relief. We had answers to his behavior challenges and could now learn how to help him better. 

One of the ways we helped our youngest son was when I left the world of working outside the home. While it definitely brought more peace to his world and our home, it also brought challenges of almost a 50% reduction in our household income. 

I’m not telling you all of this to look for your sympathy. I’m not even sure if you can relate to any of this. What I’m hoping you’ll glean from my story is that we all have our own chaos that is our life and we can either choose to let it bring us down or we can choose to step into the power God gives us, embrace the challenge, and make it our own beautiful chaos.

When I made the decision to quit my job I found I now had room in my head for the entrepreneurial bug to resurface (I think sadly it had been buried since elementary school). So I started learning and trying and failing my way forward. 

One of the things I’m often asked by my clients is “How does a dietitian end up also preaching about productivity?”

I’ve worked 25 years as a dietitian, spending the bulk of those years in the world of nonprofit healthcare. Man what a job that arena will do on your psyche. And you only find out when you try to shift to the world of profitable business ownership. Talk about some deep mindset work.

I used to follow the “old school” ways of dietetics, promoting weight loss and “clean eating”. I don’t do that any more. I now advocate fiercely for intuitive eating. You can head here for my story on that shift.

Afterhaving been on this road of entrepreneurship for 6 years, I found I had met a lot of other entrepreneurs and developed friendships and accountability partnerships along the way. Most of us were struggling with things like disorganization and procrastination.

And it was in those relationships that I discovered a use for all I had learned along my own chaotic journey. I discovered my penchant for helping others find ways to get stuff done. I was helping them make room for that elusive “self care” time, family time, etc. Every stumble, struggle, and tear I’ve shed was getting put to use to help them do better.

And I loved every minute of it. I had found a new purpose. But I didn’t want to give up the old one.  Guess what? I don’t have to. I’m multi-passionate, and that’s what works for me.

So basically, I’m a dietitian to my core and intuitive eating is my bread. But time management is like the butter that holds my bread together. I love them both and believe they can both help you live a better life, however you define that. 

My entrepreneurial story is still unfolding, and it’s not one of overnight success and riches. But I wouldn’t trade the lessons I’ve learned along the way for anything. They’re why I am able to help you.

Through my courses, coaching, and blog writing, I help people like you learn to appreciate yourself and your life, and follow through on your dreams with sustainable action that brings beautiful results. I don’t care if your dreams are about having an organized kitchen and getting the kids to school (dressed with lunches in tow) on time or whether your dreams are to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company. 

I don’t care if your dreams are to go to your class reunion and not focus on others opinions of how you look or if you just want to eat peacefully with your family at a meal without being torn apart by food guilt.

I’m excited to use my experience to help you realize YOUR goals.


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