Helping moms heal broken relationships with food, one bite at a time.

Freelance Writing By Tammi Brochman

Copy-writing for Intuitive Eating and Body Positive Professionals

I write so you can serve your clients.


Copywriting For Your Website

Looking for quality copy that grabs your readers attention…but doesn’t alienate them with offensive diet culture commentary?

I can write that.


Copywriting For Your Email

Need a diet culture sensitive email series? Want to send a professional intuitive eating and body positive done-for-you e-newsletter?

I can help you do that. 


Coming Soon! Hear what I have to say about freelance writing, my entrepreneurial journey, and more!

I Help You Connect With Your Ideal Audience

You Need Effective Copy on Your Site

You’ve been doing everything you’re supposed to do and it’s paying off. You’re busier than you ever dreamed you’d be. But that means you don’t have time to reach out and maintain contact with your followers. Your website could use an update or two.

You want to keep your customers tuned in. You know exactly what you want your customers to hear, and as an Intuitive Eating Dietitian, so do I. You simply can’t get the right words out, much less find the time to write them.

That’s where I come in.

I write website copy, email sequences, and offer a practically done for you newsletter service specifically for intuitive eating and body positive focused professionals like you.

I ask you all the right questions to get the right copy that puts your best stories in front of your audience, and puts your audience into your shopping cart. 

How Do I know If I Need Copy-writing Services?

This is a great question. Let me see if I can help you decide.

If you are looking to present yourself as the authority in your emails and on your website and you’re not sure what that looks like, you probably want my copy-writing services.

If you sell a course or provide coaching but don’t know how to guide your customers through your buying process, you probably need my copy-writing services.

If you have a list of subscribers but don’t know what to say to them, a copy-writer can help you with this (ahem…me again).

If you spend hours and hours or days and days coming up with an idea, researching, writing, editing, and rewriting your copy and this process is simply not your passion or a good use of your time, you would benefit from having me do your copy-writing.


My name is Tammi and I’m a mom of four (mostly adult) humans, 1 cuddly Pit Bull named Maggie, and 8 chickens (7 layer hens and 1 comical rooster named Lieutenant Dan).  I’ve been a Dietitian for 24 years. I love the field of nutrition, am passionate about intuitive eating and healing food and body relationships, and words are truly my love language. Freelance writing allows me to put the two together to create copy that speaks to your customers. 

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