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Less Work, More Play Free Video Training Series!

A video series designed to help you identify your top 5 time wasters and come up with alternative solutions.

Take back control

Feel like your to-do list is running your life, instead of the other way around? You’re a prisoner of your time and it’s incredibly frustrating. Learn how to put yourself back in that driver’s seat.

Find clarity

There’s nothing more maddening than doing something and not knowing why. Learn how it to create a to-do list that impacts the things that are important to you.

A peaceful approach

Just do it approaches aren’t your thing. They feel harsh and out of sync with who you are. They aren’t mine either. Learn how to be in sync with your to-do list.

This Video Training Series Includes:


Valuable Video Trainings


Actionable Activities


Opportunity to Growth

Are these the same suggestions everyone else is vomiting on us?

No. Not that I’ve seen. And even if it is, if these suggestions aren’t working for you, let’s ask the more important question…why aren’t they helping you? Reach out, I love a good challenge!

I know what to do, I just can't get myself to do it, will this help me?

I think yes. But ultimately this is up to you. There are no fast fixes…until you know the real reason you’re not doing the work you need to. So invest your time in figuring that out and your solutions will follow.

I won't remember to come back and watch these trainings, are they available to watch all at once?

Yes, they are available on demand as soon as you sign up. But I do offer some words of caution against that. It’s a lot of information to take in all at once. I highly recommend watching one video at a time and doing the activity with that video. And then giving that time to sink in. So maybe setting some reminders or adding a task to your to-do list to come back and watch a new video every couple of days is the solution to this problem.

This training is completely free and because I know how scarce your extra time is, it's available immediately and you can watch on your schedule.

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