Mindful Health Mom

The kickstart you need for your own mindful health journey!

A holistic guide for mom entrepreneurs to kickstart their journey towards mindful health, including a beginners mindfulness meditation how-to guide, quick and healthy recipes, and self-care tips.

So tell me, when’s the last time your client had a weekend to herself? How often does she get to eat warm meals or go to the bathroom without interruptions? While you know that being a mom is one thing…one very busy thing, being a mom who is also an entrepreneur adds layers of depth and lots of balls to juggle that intensifies these moments and stressifies (is that even a word?) their meanings. And your clients need help, and now you have access to what they need.

No. I’m not promising this kickstarter kit will rememedy any of that for them. Sorry. That will have to come with time. And my best advice to her is to actually stop wishing these moments away.

Instead, what I recommend is that you help her find a way to treasure the in-between moments. Those moments between the knocks on the bathroom door, the moments before she takes the bite of cold food, and the moments before she gets out of bed and starts her busy weekend.

It’s in helping her find ways to make the most of those moments that she truly will be able to kickstart her mindful health journey. And this kit is designed to help you do just that.

What you get:

1. Mindfulness Meditation Beginners Guide:

   – Quick mindfulness exercises for daily practice.

   – Breathing techniques to promote relaxation.

2. Quick and Healthy Recipes:

   – Collection of easy-to-make, nutritious recipes.

   – Meal prep tips for busy schedules.

   – Ideas for incorporating mindfulness into cooking.

3. Self-Care Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs:

   – Importance of self-care in balancing work and family.

   – Practical self-care strategies for busy moms.

   – Creating a personalized self-care routine.

This guide not only helps you kickstart your mindful health journey, but it provides you with practical tools to integrate mindful health into your busy life!

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